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Virtual Assistant vs Personal Assistant... what's the difference?

Your assistant will be the backbone of your business handling all of your day-to-day tasks, and more. They not only save you time but ensure the business continues to run smoothly while you focus on the more key aspects, necessary to drive your business forward. E

ssentially, an assistant becomes your right hand in business.

But should you hire a Virtual Assistant or a Personal Assistant and what is the difference?

Below I have outlined the contrast between the two to help you decide what type of assistant is best for you and your business.

Virtual Assistant

- Self-employed, and works remotely.

- Works for multiple clients. This can be for individuals and corporate clients.

- Works on delegated tasks but also has the additional responsibility for making delegated decisions and working off their own initiative. A virtual assistant must be resourceful and get things done with 'hand-holding'.

- Along with secretarial duties, virtual assistants can also help with a wide variety of other more specialist tasks, such as social media management, recruiting, web development, bookkeeping, and more.

- Is focused on the client's job and the business, however in some cases they may also perform personal tasks such as arranging for the collection of dry cleaning also.

- The majority of contact with a Virtual Assistant is via video call, email, or telephone at scheduled or set times to suit the client.

- The cost of hiring a Virtual Assistant is less as you do not have to pay insurance, provide benefits, or taxes.

- While your virtual assistant may have other clients making them appear less available, many VA's will work outside office hours and on a flexible basis.

Personal Assistant

- Located on-site in the office of their employer.

- A PA can work for a team but tends to work for a specific staff member or individual.

- Works solely on tasks that have been delegated to them.

- Can complete a broad range of tasks along with day-to-day errands.

- Tends to be embedded in the employer's life as well as their job.

- Communication is face to face and you will see your PA almost daily.

- While the cost of a personal assistant will be more than a virtual assistant, you receive 100% of their time.

- Responsive, as they work only for you, they are always available and on hand during their work hours.

The right assistant is indispensable, so it is important to consider the advantages of each and what your requirements are, before making your decision.

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